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5 Fun Home Activities To Do During Lockdown


Getting stuck at home is a huge bummer, especially if there is nothing to do. That is probably why this lockdown has turned everyone into a hobbyist. Care to start a new one - perhaps be a home baker, BBQ cook, fitness junkie, arts and crafts enthusiast or a plantita. Here are 5 home activities that everyone seems to be doing this pandemic.


1. Weber High Lid Gas Grill Q1200

Grilled food is a great reminder of the beach and the great outdoors. While the scenic view may be out of the picture for the time being, the food fresh form the grill is enough to bring everyone together. Get your grill on and enjoy authentic barbecued meat and seafood with your family using the Weber High Lid Gas Grill Q1200. It’s a portable gas grill that lets you cook right at the table or in the backyard.


2. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Baking is a hobby everyone at home can enjoy, because who can’t say no to treats? However, mixing ingredients by hand can be a workout on its own and can take too much of your time. This KitchenAid stand mixer is a must for every baker because it is one of the many versatile tools in the kitchen. Not only can it mix, but it can also shred, grind, knead and mash. A true staple in the kitchen!


3. Manna Yoga Mat & Vogue Combo

Who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy, especially during this pandemic? We all need a Manna Yoga Mat that can help us in working out as we follow our favorite fitness influencers online. With different positions and angles, we do as we exercise, yoga mats can support us from slipping and hurting ourselves. This one is really a must have!


4. ABC’s of Décor Family Tree Collage Frame

This is for people who are not into laborious tasks, but rather on the artistic side. Decorating your bedroom is therapeutic and life-enhancing while stuck at home. Working or studying for a long period of time can block the creative juices in our mind. Take a time out and get crafty with this family tree collage frame! Let your creativity flow once again as you design each frame with memories of your family.


5. Garden Wall-Fixed Hose Reel Set


It’s not surprising to see individuals becoming plant enthusiasts during the pandemic. A small pocket garden or a fully landscaped backyard can definitely add a breath of fresh air to your home. But with the hot and humid weather, plants can easily wilt if not watered properly. The Gardena Wall-Fixed Hose Reel lets you care for your plants without having to worry about any kink and tangles. After using, coil it back easily with the lever.


Make the most of everyday with these 5 activities you can do with the entire family. Grab the items you need only at True Value by GoRobinsons.

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