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Earth Day: Simple Actions to Go Green

Earth Day: Simple Actions to Go Green

Going green is not as complicated as we ought to think it is. Sometimes it is the simple actions we do that can collectively create an impact. The easiest way to go green is to start introducing environmentally-friendly practices to our daily routine. Here are simple practices we can do to help save mother earth:


Say no to single-use plastics

While it offers great convenience, single-use plastics pose a great threat to our environment. Bottles, packaging, utensils and straws made out of plastic take minutes to dispose, but tens to hundreds of years to decompose. Make it a habit to carry your own tumbler, shopping bag, reusable utensils or straws when going out.


Unplug your devices

Perhaps the easiest and (also) beneficial habit you can start is to unplug all unused devices at home. Plugged devices that are not in use still consume electricity which most households tend to ignore. While this simple act drops electric consumption by just a few notches, it still adds up to something when done habitually for days and months.


Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Growing your own herbs and vegetables garden can make sure that what you are eating is 100% fresh, organic and chemical-free. Plus, this lets you whip up a healthy meal anytime. But did you know that this is an environmental-friendly practice? Growing your own produce at home help lessen the carbon foot print from transporting goods from farm to store, and reducing food packaging waste as well.


Carpool, or just stay at home

Having multiple cars can be efficient, but at this day and age when gas prices are sky rocketing maybe carpooling is not a bad idea. Make it a habit to plan your weekly activities with your family or friends and opt to carpool instead. And if you are in need of some retail therapy, escape the metro traffic and just shop online. Cut down your own carbon footprint thru carpooling or shopping from home!

This Earth Day make a commitment in saving our planet by practicing these four environmentally friendly practices. Always remember that small actions still make an impact when done habitually and collectively.


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